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Christmas Dinner Part Two: The Empire Strikes Fat

Do you know what the golden stripe on top is? That is the side benefit to cooking a goose: a quart of goose fat! I shouldn't have to explain to you why this is awesome.

This goose hasn't been handled as much as Lindsay Lohan, but it's close.

Stock. Guess what you wind up with here? Stock. And more fat!

I have never seen fat separate this well. This is unfiltered, and this isn't cloudy, either.

First trip into the oven.

Look at that. Such vibrancy.

And then someone had to break out the oil. Apparently we're in the studio with Prince, recording the Batman soundtrack.

Post second trip in the oven. Breast down and covered to start, up and bare to finish. Just like the beach in San Tropez.

Gravy roux. Roux may be my favorite word ever.

Goose fat: It's like 12 days of Christmas.

Group photo. It was awesome. Merry Christmas!

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